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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

In January

I really love January at our house! 
Routines are set, school is still fun, and things just seem to flow.  
Other than the fact that I'm trying to lose 5 pounds without much success, I'd say Yay! for January.

This month....

Lucy received an Amazon gift card for Christmas.  She used it to purchase Teddy a sweater.  Sometimes money can buy happiness.

If you're looking for Eleanor, try the basement.  She's flipping and flying all over her new gymnastics mats.  

If it's a Monday afternoon and you're wondering where to find Lucy and me, try the zoo.  I feel like those Humboldt penguins are my friends.  We have spent some SERIOUS time watching those guys lately.

Bad photo, but can you even believe how adorable that baby is? 
 Lucy and I are sometimes the only ones in the ape house and if we try hard we can imagine we're in Indonesia hiding somewhere just watching these amazing animals. 
That's when I think, I'm not really sure it gets much better than this, being part of such wonderful imaginary play with my favorite 4 year old.

I would love to know what her inner dialogue sounds like.  
One night last week I asked her to get off of the dining room table....not safe.
A few minutes later she returned  and asked "Now can I get on the table?  I'm safe!"

 I love how just when I think we're done with trains someone gets them out and they're back!

Add in Kevin's 39th birthday, Acro class, play practice, homework, regular work, travel for Kevin, lots of meals, fun with family and friends plus absolutely NO snow...boooo! and you have January!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year

Happy 2015!
We've spent the day hanging out together and thinking about some goals for the upcoming year.
Plus we went on an awesome walk.  
It was really a hike but that word makes Eleanor break out in hives so shhhh!