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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Summer Camp Day 1

Before the sun was up this morning Kevin, Emma and Eleanor headed to Wisconsin.  The girls are going to be away from home at a summer camp, nearly 10 hours away, for the next two weeks. 
This is a new thing for us.  
So exciting.  

This morning as they were getting ready to depart, Eleanor (whimpering) said, "What was I thinking in the winter when I signed up for this?!  I can't do it!"  
I know that feeling.  That questioning of your strength, that doubt of your ability.  
But I also know Eleanor and Emma. 
 I told her, that her February self knew what her July self was forgetting.  That she is strong and wise and so brave.  And that sometimes doing really scary things gives us the push to grow into who we are meant to be.  

I'm praying that tonight the girls are busy singing and having a camp fire, and meeting some friends.  Or at a minimum not balling their eyes out.

With the older girls away, Lucy and I are going to be keeping ourselves quite busy!  We started our day with a trip to Kingdom House where we got to participate in the opening activities for their summer program and then Lucy took over the Executive Director's Office!  She has big plans!


Christy came by for lunch and we had a good visit with her.  Then we walked to the doctor, where Lucy received an excellent bill of health.  We stopped by Schnucks on the way home, baked some banana bread, made tuna casserole for dinner, planned a tea party, and had a marathon FaceTime call with Grandpa Bill.  
It was a good day.


I'm already excited to have this little crew back together again!

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