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Thursday, February 26, 2009

The fever is gone!

Emma's fever has broken!!  After being sick since last Friday, Emma seems to finally be well.  All 3 of us were feeling like. we. were. going. INSANE. after being cooped up for that long.   So this afternoon we took a walk to the house.  WOW!!!    I only had my phone so the pictures are pretty rotten but you still get a good idea of how things look.  I think I'm going to see this view oh, about a million times over the next few years!  
Here the girls are on the landing and yes, Emma  is wearing a fur hat and Ellie has tutu on.  We were desperate to get out of the apartment.  My only request of them was that they have clothes on and not pajamas.  
The stairs are beautiful!  
Here you can see the detail in the posts.  They will be painted white like the trim.  The stairs will  be stained to match the floors (which are finished!) and then will have a runner down the middle.  We would have rather had the stairs uncovered but I was just too worried about little girls slipping down the stairs in stocking feet. 

This is the tile in the mud room and the back entry.  Nice, neutral, dirt hiding!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


The columns are finished!  The siding guys came back early this week and also put up the last few white brackets, the white board between the brick and siding as well as the siding right above the porch.  We are really excited to see it all coming together and so happy with how it is turning out!  
The wood floors are being put in today.  They got started a few days late so we were so happy to see the flooring crew there today!  This picture is in the living room.  Even with all of the dust I love the color!  

Here is the tile in the master bathroom (the same tile will be in all of the baths).  We really liked this tile because it's such a traditional floor and matches the style of the house.  Both Kevin and I love older homes.  While building this house we have tried to capture some of the simple character that comes with an older home.   White subway tile will be installed on the walls.  The wall tiles won't go up until after the bathroom installation is complete.  So it will a few weeks before we'll get to see the whole look.  

Friday, February 13, 2009


The painters put a primer coat on the walls yesterday.  It looks so different, and really nice!  We chose 4 colors for the entire house one of which is pink!  We had a huge fan of color choices from Kim.   Kevin also found  a set of Craftsman Colors from Sherwin Williams- beautiful, bold colors that look like the bungalows we love, but they just don't fit us.  We ended up choosing colors from Restoration Hardware.  Blake and Ben have their place in LA painted in this collection and we love the colors.  There are only a few colors to choose from at Restoration Hardware, the simpler and fewer the choices the happier Kevin and I are!  We tried to find an exact match at Sherwin Williams but surprisingly we couldn't.

The pink bedroom was of course a hit.  Lots of dancing and singing about the Pink Princess Room occurred.    

The rain caused the completion of the siding to be delayed.  This isn't a big deal since it is a small job and can happen at any time while other things are going on.  
On Monday the flooring should begin.  I'm really interested to see how that is done.  The stairs will start on Tuesday or Wednesday.  The flooring will take about 7 days to complete---barring no problems!
The couch which Ellie was so happily snoozing on in Monday's post is no longer residing with us.  We sold it on Craigslist.  The extremely excited new owner picked it up last night.  After the door closed and the couch was gone Emma sobbed!!!  She was so upset,  "I LOVED that couch" she cried!  We had no idea she was so attached!  It's too big for our new living room and we tried to explain that we'd get a new one--"I LOVED that couch" was about all we could get from her.  I promised to email the new owner and ask for a picture of where the couch is now.  This helped a little.  

Monday, February 9, 2009

Not too much to report!

I was just sitting down at the computer to write a post when I realized Ellie had been awfully quiet for several minutes.  I walked into the living room and found this!!  She is no longer napping---but sometimes after a long weekend a Monday nap is just perfect. By the way, that's marker on her nose.
The most exciting part of our week was the production of The Gingerbread Boy at Emma's preschool.   She was the Gingerbread Boy and was OUTSTANDING!  Really, she was wonderful!  I was so nervous, she was cool as a cucumber.
So proud!  

Here's the back of the house, the siding is finished.  No, the house is not slanted, I guess that I am!  
There won't be much to show until late this week.  The drywall is being finished and that really doesn't make for exciting pictures!  The water connection was finished up today.
Later this week the painters will prime the walls.  The siding will be finished in front and maybe the columns too. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Things keep moving along.

We have siding!  It looks great.  The guys were working on the back when we were there this afternoon and with all of the ladders I didn't think it was a great idea to tromp back there with the girls.  I'll post pictures tomorrow.
The digger is back.
Here is the propane tank.  I wasn't envisioning this when we talked about bringing in heat!  
Here is the heater.  This is what I had in mind.  It is a powerful heater!
The girls in the dining room.  The taping and mudding seems to be going well.

Silly girls in their bedroom!

Our neighbors are also blogging about their building experience.  Today they posted a really cool website Walkscore.  Here is what our neighbor said about the site"it is a calculation done based on how many conveniences you can walk to from your home.  Things like grocery stores, restaurants, movie theaters, coffee shops, and on and on are used to give a score, 0 is horrible, 100 is you don't need a car for almost anything."  Our house scores a 95-- Yea!  Lots of opportunities to walk to things we enjoy!  Can't wait to get started!

Monday, February 2, 2009

The reason...

for all of this craziness!  Kindergarten registration was Friday.  Emma was so excited!  She loved going inside Captain.  She even saw a friend from DCC who is currently in kindergarten!   

*Heat should have been brought in today.
* Mud/Tape should begin tomorrow.
*We decided against redoing the columns.  For the cost to rework there isn't all that much gained.  The cost to totally redo isn't worth it to us.  They're big but I'm over it!
*Weather looks great!!!!!