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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Days: 5,6,7

Behind?  Already?  Oh well.

I'm so thankful to have girls.  All girls.  Yes, I know, I just don't know what I'm missing not having boys.  And you're right,  I don't.  I'm certain I'd be delighted to have boys too but  God gave us all girls and for that I'm thankful.  Even when it's crazy town around here, it's still calm, and relatively quiet, even when our house is destroyed, it's not really destroyed, it's just messy.  Farting and burping and toilet humor are giggled about, causing red cheeks and hidden eyes.  Our kitchen is a regular dance studio/music production/card making/bakery/story writing area 7 days a week.  It's delightful.   People love to tell me that my time will come, these girls will be teenagers someday, and they will be.  But God willing I will still be thankful to have ALL girls.
Kevin and the girls before the Daddy Daughter Valentines Day Dance.

I'm thankful that Eleanor and I had time to watch cement dry last year.  We had a lot of lazy afternoons last year, while the baby dozed.  We just talked, or baked, and played and read.  They were good days.  Days I think I'll enjoy remembering forever.  Last night when I put El to bed she said "can't we just fast forward to summer vacation.  I just want to stay home with you".  The girl loves school but she loves home too.  Sounds awfully familiar.
Really, we watched cement dry.  We made this stepping stone for Gus---which actually reads "SUG" since I didn't think about it being reversed, and sat in the sun watching it dry, testing it every so often.  
I'm thankful for my washing machine.  That thing gets a daily work out and then some.  I'm so glad I don't have to lug our wash to the laundromat or down to a water source to beat it against rocks.   Occasionally usually I loathe this task, the washing, the folding, the putting away.  Gotta get myself straight though, we have the means to have clothes to wash, a washer to put them in, and my good health and ability to be able to take care of the task.

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