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Friday, April 13, 2012

A tender mercy

My sweet baby Lu has had me hopping lately.  Ask her just about anything and she'll say "nope", she hasn't napped all week (although there may be hope for today...she's quiet for now)and she has a definite opinion about'd almost think she thinks she's her own person or something.   This expression of self has me adding lots of extra time in for just about everything, counting to ten often and honestly I am pretty sure I'm talking to myself in public.  Today while trying to strap Lucy into a shopping cart I could not get her to bend.  As I decided (hopefully mentally, see above) that I should just give up, not worry about groceries and order pizza for dinner, another shopper said what I thought was "I have two kids at home".  He then started purring at Lucy, which instantly made her laugh and distracted her long enough for me to secure her for our shopping trip.  I thanked him and he walked away, at which time I realized he'd said he had two cats at home.   I probably did look like I was trying to get a cat strapped into a shopping cart.  Odd purring man =a tender mercy in my day.

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KLewis said...

Hilarious! Gotta pee? Nope. Hungry? Nope. Play (put in favorite toy here)? Nope. Want to ride on top of the car? Yup.