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Monday, November 30, 2009

Daily Delights

These written treasures turn up in all sorts of places in our house. They are constant reminders of what awesome kids I live with.

The author of the previous pic. JOY in person.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

What a wonderful day spent relaxing, cooking, and visiting with family and friends! Kevin, the girls and I lazied around and enjoyed ourselves and then were so excited to welcome, Aunt Mary Ann, Dave, Uncle Ben and Jake. We headed to the Pocius' for dinner where we enjoyed a fantastic dinner and great company. We're tired now and ready for bed (is it really only 8:30??) Here are a few highlights.

Our Thankful Tree. We each wrote what we were thankful for. Emma is dressed as a pilgrim in honor of the day!
Ellie making cranberry sauce.

Taking the long walk next door.

The Indian and Pilgrim---kindergartners take this holiday seriously!

So much to be thankful for!

Jake and the girls playing Uno.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Captain Kindergarten Feast!

Today we attended the Captain Kindergarten Feast! It was a full turkey dinner and over 250 people were served! Every single kindergarten family participated in some way. Some cooked, others shopped, sewed costumes, set up and cleaned up. This is the 39th year they have done this and it is amazing! Everything is very well coordinated and planned.

The cafeteria as well as 2 of the 3 kindergarten rooms were set up for the grand dining experience.

Each child chose to be a Pilgrim or an Indian. In this photo Emma is sharing what she is thankful for --"my house"!

Our lovely Indian princess!

Monday, November 23, 2009

I give up!

Emma and Ellie have a bed time of 8:00. Right now it is 9:35, Ellie is snoozing away as she has been for the last hour and 35 minutes -we hardly leave the room and she's sound asleep. Emma on the other hand is wide awake. She has discovered the delight of reading in bed. We tried giving her 30 minutes before bed but she wanted more. She sneaks on the light after a few minutes and the reading begins. We've gently reminded her of her bed time, we've not so gently reminded, we've threatened, we've bribed but she keeps on reading. So tonight I gave up. I walked into her room and said "Fine Emma! Read all night if you want, but you'd better be in a good mood in the morning". The things I say!
Tonight's choice--The Boxcar Children.

This girl can sleep through anything! Thank goodness!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I ♥ Purple!

It's been a busy couple of weeks. WAY too much time working and not enough time enjoying. I know I'll find a balance but I'm not there yet.
Today was good medicine for the soul though. While driving down Clayton Rd. I saw this bumper sticker and cracked up. It's sort of hard to read, but it says I ♥ Purple! How wonderful is that?! No angry statement, no condenming slogan, just a person in love with purple! I HAD to see who was behind such a bold declaration. He was not what I was expecting which made my smile grow even wider. It was the perfect sentiment for this lovely day spent away from work and back in the swing of things.

Today I ♥
Ellie's crazy curls and scuffed up shoes.
Emma telling me that I was sleeping so soundly last night that a brass band couldn't have woken me!
Going to Target all on my lonesome!
A text from my husband telling me that I'm loved.
Homegrown tomatoes in November...not from my home, but from one of the most generous people I know, the new Mrs. K.
The song Ain't No Reason by Brett Dennan
Sitting on a park bench and talking to a friend I've known a long time, and not even once thinking I should be "getting something done", because really at that moment was there anything more important?
Anticipating the arrival of family tomorrow for our 4th annual November weekend!
Indulging in a Starbuck's latte for the second day in a row (thanks Dad and Kyra).
God's love.

Yes, balance is returning.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween FUN!

The fun times just kept on rolling all weekend long! School parties and parades (even if they were indoors), a friends costume party, carving pumpkins, dinner at our house for 15, and trick or treating!

Emma's adorable class. Mrs. Rosenkranz was The Queen of Hearts, a perfect costume for her. Emma had some SERIOUS costume envy when she saw two friends in big fancy princess costumes.

Miss Simon, the fabulous kindergarten intern. Doesn't she look like a grown up Emma?

Pumpkin carving! What a messy, fun time!

The Pocius-Baum crew!

This thing crawled out of the swamp next door!

The candy patrol...since the whole street trick of treated together they had it pretty easy!

What a terrific group of kids! We had so much fun trick or treating.

Things got a little crazy when we got home. Ellie told me "it's just me mommy". Thank goodness!!

Grandpa Gordon brought both of his costumes this year. After Ellie realized they were just masks she loved them.

Halloween 2009!