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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Miss Independent

She even gets her own snacks.  Sheesh!
At least she chose bread and not cookies!  

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A rockin' run!

This morning I ran my first post Lucy Adelaide half-marathon.  It was hard and I am tired, sore and HUNGRY!  But, it was amazing!  This summer when I first started contemplating training I was struggling to run 5 miles.  I wondered how I'd more than double the distance.  This training was the best thing for me.    There were lots of days I pushed Lulu in the stroller right after I dropped the girls at school or frantically before I picked them up.  We ran in the rain, in the heat, and sometimes when neither one of us wanted.   All those days we fit in a run when it didn't seem possible, when I wore my running clothes all day "just in case", when we skipped something else even though it sounded more fun, culminated into the best feeling.  Today I am stronger mentally and physically than I was just a few months ago.  Setting a goal and seeing it through, it's worth it.
My little running buddy with our medal.  I tied my PR which makes me super happy since when I started training this summer I just hoped to finish.  Kevin however was AWESOME today and ran a 1:42!!!  A PR for him!  

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The best seat

Watching my kids watch the World series was even better than watching the game. We rarely watch any sports but you would've never guessed it had you been in our living room last night.  The girls were so pumped, cheering and making signs.  They watched every moment of the 6 innings they were allowed to stay up for.

Just a few of my favorite moments:

*The girls distrust of the Ranger's pitcher, C.J. Wilson. They were not impressed with his haircut.   Alexi Ogando got their ok.

*Emma's emotion at Pujols being walked.  Her face was priceless, a look of total shock.  Followed by jumping on her chair and shouting "WHAT???  COME ONNNNNN!!!" And then Eleanor's "I knew I didn't like him "( the pitcher that is).

*Eleanor's constant reminder , "Emma, this is just one game, there will be more."

*Emma trying to help Ellie say Pujolis.  El pronounces it Pull-horse.  Emma would, as patiently as she could, say Pujols, slowly.  El would then say "yea, Pulllll-hoooorse".   Finally, totally exasperated Emma said, just call him Albert.

As I was putting the girls to bed Emma said "mom, people are saying the Rangers are a better team, but I don't think they have our heart.  I hope when they go to Texas they can look out and see just a little bit of red and remember we're all cheering".  My own little birdo.

Emma watching the Cardinals play in the 2004 play offs.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rain drops keep falling on my head...

I'd forgotten how futile talking to a 14 month old can be.  Like explaining that it's raining so we can't go to the backyard to play.  All that my explaining produced was lots of high pitched "neee, neeeeee, neeeeeeeee" and pointing to the backyard.  Realizing this was a losing battle we headed to the swing set, in the rain.  She didn't mind one bit, in fact the rain cracked her up.  Looks like a good rain jacket is in my future.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Baby love

        There are  only a few things that can pull her away from a book.  Sometimes the pull is quite literal!