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Monday, August 31, 2009

My favorite picture of myself!

This little gem was created two weeks ago while Christy was taking care of Ellie so that I could work. I came home to a very sweet note that included this picture. Christy transcribed for Ellie, so this picture is titled "That Momma"! I love that I look like a Pac Man ghost !

Friday, August 28, 2009

Another first!

Ellie is an official preschooler! She started school at the Family Center today! She had a great time, and has shared lots of fun stories about her day. She now has two best friends, has a symbol to represent her name, a cubby, and enjoys working with clay. WOW! The difference a day can make!

Nearly two weeks have passed since my last post. Not due to lack of excitement around the Baum house though! Since my last post Kindergarten continues to exceed ALL of our expectations! I've been back at Ritenour doing some job coaching for a first grade teacher. Ellie and I have been to the zoo 3 times. Kevin has been working like crazy (what's new). I've been able to volunteer in Emma's room twice, with Ellie tagging along and loving it! Now, I'm finished with my stint in first grade, Ellie and Emma are over the moon about school and here's hoping this is just the beginning of a fabulous year!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Better than expected!

She woke up ready to go! Kevin had an early meeting but was able to stay for a couple of quick pics.
This picture accurately portrays my desire to clutch onto my baby girl!

Had to have one of these standard backpack photos!

What a special treat! Christy was here to take care of Ellie today so she also got to see Emma on her big morning!

It was lots of fun taking pictures with 3 other kids from the street. Look at those dark clouds in the right hand corner! What a morning!

It started to pour as we drove to school this morning! Emma just giggled as we parked the car and got out our umbrella.

Emma's report-

-Even better than expected (this is huge since she was expecting today to be the best day of her life)!
-Rest time is the best part of the day--needed to sleep to have enough energy for everything, plus Mrs. Rosenkranz rubs backs!
-Had the perfect amount of lunch packed
-You just raise your hand when you need to go to the bathroom
-There are lots of nos on the playground
-You bring a snack for your birthday to share
-Expression workshop is lots of fun
-It's P.E. not gym, and it's everyday so wear your tennis shoes
-Mrs. Rosenkranz is the best

It was a great day for all of us, we now have a kindergartner!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

She's going to kindergarten in 12 hours.

It's really happening, our baby Emma is going to start kindergarten in the morning. Time sure flies.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Our dancers!

Today was the last day of summer ballet. It has been a wonderful summer of learning for these beautiful ballerinas.

This was Emma's first Pre-Ballet 2 class. It was a definite step up from Pre-Ballet 1. Emma had to work hard and listen carefully. This is the point in the class when Miss Kathleen said "make it hurt girls".

Our little star.

Putting it all together.

Ballet for three year olds is really something you need to go see!

Imitating Coppelia.

Ellie loved Miss Lindsay!!

Proud...and she should be, she worked hard this summer!

Look at those legs!

Look at that face!

Thanks for a great summer COCA, we'll see you in September!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We love Chicago!

We do not love Ikea! Well, we love their kitchen cabinets but there is no love here for the store itself! That place is a madhouse! However we had kitchen cabinets that we needed to return as well as cabinets to purchase to finish the spot right inside the back door. So, we loaded the girls up and drove to Chicago Friday night. We arrived at Ikea Saturday morning 30 minutes prior to opening. After what felt like a never ending trip to this crazed store, we headed to the city and had a great time.

Having snacks in the fancy Palmer House executive lounge on Saturday afternoon! Free hotel rooms with mucho amenties are a perk of Kevin's crazy travel schedule.

The L! A great $6 ride!
A lady fell off of her bike as we sat enjoying the beautiful lakeside view. Thankfully the woman wasn't seriously hurt so it was a great teachable moment on why the girls must ALWAYS wear their bike helmets!