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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rainy Tuesday

It's been raining all morning.  We've loved it!  

A bubble bath, playing in the rain,  cleaning up the kids' bookcase, Kipper, blocks, and blueberry muffins....what a great morning!  As we made the muffins Lucy enjoyed the frozen blueberries.  "mmm I yike dese, day coud"  (mmm, I like these, they cold).

Lucy sure reminded me of some other sweet girls today!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Fall Fairy House

Yesterday the girls worked together and with grandpa's help made a fabulous fall fairy house.  They carefully nestled it in with the herbs, any fairy in her right mind would make a beeline for that place!  It's so much fun to watch the girls creativity take flight, especially when their ideas turn out exactly how they'd hoped!  

Two proud fairy house builders!

Friday, October 19, 2012


On Sunday afternoon we had family pictures taken.  It was anyone's guess how things would play out.  Our weekend included a Washington University Girls soccer game, our own soccer games, dance, 3 birthday parties (1 sleepover), a sleepover for Eleanor and Emma with Grandma and Grandpa Jim,  dinner out and a party for Kevin and me, and the Forest Park Forever Fall Family Fest.
Actually we weren't really guessing how things would go, it seemed inevitable that we'd be uncooperative and cranky.  Kevin and I were just hoping to get one good shot of the girls to replace the picture we have hanging in the's a bit outdated, just 2 kids ages 2 and 4.
What a relief!  Our photographer was outstanding and transformed our tired, surly selves into a playful, happy bunch (well, mostly).  After seeing a little preview of the photos I'm so excited.  While I'm looking for something a little more traditional (you know,  all the kids smiling) to replace the old photo,  I'm awfully tempted by this one!  It captures our girls and their personalities so perfectly.  I love it!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Logical Reasoning

Each day Eleanor brings a folder home from first grade with work from the day, homework and notes from school.  In this folder Eleanor also writes one thing she learned that day. I love seeing what she chooses, it is precious.

Today Eleanor wrote: Day 43- I learned logical reasoning.

Here are a few of my favorites so far-
Day 2- I learned when we tell promises we keep promises.
Day 4- I learned to take my time.
Day 6- I learned less than and greater than.
Day 18- I learned are insects pests, pals, or both?
Day 25- I learned you have to agree on the same pitch to sing in.
Day 27- I learned 911 is not for fun.
Day 31- I learned how to subtract more.
Day 33- I learned how to carefully roll my mealworms shelter to see if my mealworm is alive.
Day 39- I learned how to stretch my brain.
Day 40- I learned it takes a long time for a mealworm to turn into a beetle.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Behind these doors

two creative geniuses and their sometimes sidekick work.  They write beautiful stories, notes and plays.  They draw, they cut, they glue, and tape.  They start clubs and write rules.  They make gifts, write songs and use every ounce of their creativity.  This is code for ....that room is a MESS!  I've tried all kinds of things, and purchased an assortment of organizational tools to help keep the place tidy.  It has helped slightly but the truth is our playroom/art room/whatever you want to call it cannot be contained.  There is always something in progress, an idea not quite complete, a plan still unfolding.  And so I've decided the best organizational tool yet just might be those doors.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

It was a dark and stormy night.....

A spooktacular meal was planned...chili, mummy dogs, pumpkin donuts and cider.

As spooky Halloween music played, the house was prepared for Halloween!
These three guys flew in to join our decorations this year....they are fast becoming some of my favorites.

But they'll never surpass this kitty.  Every year when I get him out I remember buying him and it makes me smile.  I got him at one of those ridiculously overpriced candle parties.  I was pregnant with Eleanor, Emma was just 2 and spending a heap of money (he was probably 20 bucks or so) on him seemed outrageous, I really hemmed and hawed on this purchase .   
 Lucy told me yesterday, "I no like him", but I still put him out!  

The sleep fairy dropped off matching pajamas for the girls.  I'm so glad they will all still wear the same pajamas without any complaining!
We watched the Legend of Sleepy Hollow to end a fun October evening!  

Friday, October 5, 2012

Storybook Picnic

We got to visit first grade again today.  This time for the Annual Primary Grade Storybook Picnic.  It has been cold and rainy all day so rather than picnic in Concordia Park, each class picnicked in their classrooms.  Not quite the same but still lots of fun.

Lucy is pretty crazy about first grade.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

A writer

First Grade held a writing celebration this morning before school.  What a writer our Eleanor is!  She shared a story she wrote about her first day of kindergarten and how nervous she was. 
I didn't time my pictures very well, all of them seem to be of the girls with mouths full of bagels!

Lucy loved first grade! Free rein with the hand sanitizer, a tray of snacks, books everywhere, her sister's friends oohing over her, and kid sized chairs.  What a place!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

If everyday were a late start day

we'd get used to them and then they'd become regular start days and we'd wish we could start school at 10:30 one day every few weeks.  So hooray for late start days only every once in awhile.

Extra reading time!
A game of Qwirkle.  Lu did well until she got on the table and decided the game pieces really needed to be stacked and built with.

Before we left for the day I told Lucy that she needed to change so we could go the park and in that dress she would be cold.  She then began showing us what she looks like when she's "cooooood".  

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Right now....

In August when the girls returned to school I had a jolt.  Then Lucy started going to Parent's Day Out on Mondays, all the way through lunch.   I developed a bit of a funk, somewhat undefined, but seeming to lean in the direction of "Oh, GEEZ!!"  I started thinking, am I making all the right choices, should I be doing more, or maybe less, am I using my gifts and talents (which are???), am I a good enough role model for my kids, do I focus on somethings too much, somethings too little?  I was in search of a quick answer and relief from my funk so in very short order  I decided that  I needed to return to teaching.  I reasoned that it was clear I was feeling this way because I just wasn't needed as much at home and I was taking an easy route by staying home with my family.  I could be more useful in a classroom somewhere.  Thank the Lord August is a terrible time to look for a teaching job.  As quickly as I decided to start looking for a job I decided that was not the answer.  I came to my senses thanks in large part to back to school night at the girls' school, as much as I love being a teacher I was reminded of the work load, the never ending, enriching but totally exhausting work.  I realized what I'd have to give up at home in order to be a teacher again. I went home confused but relieved.  A full time job wasn't the answer.
But what?
I can't tell you that I know the answer or answers yet but I can say the funk is gone and has been replaced with such a sharp sense of gratitude and genuine delightedness in the life I have.  I better understand that just because I absolutely love being at home and I have time to do things I enjoy plus have fun with my kids doesn't mean I'm taking the easy road.  I know being at home doesn't hold a candle to the stress of being a full time out in the work force mom but I truly feel that right now this is where I'm meant to be.  I'd convinced myself that with 2 kids in school and a toddler (and a tiny bit of free time)  that somehow this was easy and I wasn't giving life my all.  Boo hiss to that!  So with my sharpened focus on all that is good, I'm challenging myself to blog for the next week on all that I'm noticing!

Passing the day with Lucy is a joy.   One of my other children was in an icky, surly mood this morning.  So after getting that stinker and her sister off to carpool, Lucy and I decided we needed a walk.  We walked to Einstein's and after ordering I realized I 'd forgotten my wallet.  Did Lucy crab and whine...I mean she was all ready for her oj and chocolate chip bagel.  Nope, not even a whimper, I said let's go home and get momma's wallet so we can buy our food and she said "ok, momma".  Like ordering your food and then before getting your food going home to get your wallet was a totally normal progression of events.  After breakfast we went to the park and played and played and found ducks in the pond which cracked her up because they were "dwiking da wata, ewww gwoss".  Of course soon after she was eating the dirt so I'm not sure what was grossing her out.  The weather was perfect, the company even better.  So, so good.