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Friday, May 29, 2009

Hello Sunshine!

We took full advantage of this lovely day!  We walked to the History Museum and enjoyed a story and  a craft.  After a very fun mystery themed story time we had a picnic lunch and played at the park.
She is really getting the hang of pumping!  
She chose this hat...can you figure out why?
Ellie said,  " I'm laying here and the wind pushes me, back and forth, ahhhhhh".  What a poet!

And to end the outing we stopped at the snow cone stand!  It's OPEN!!  Each girl tried a flavor never tasted before, last year they were devoted root beer and strawberry fans.  Today Ellie tried lemon lime and after seeing the bright green syrup commented "it really should be yellow".   Emma happily tried cherry.  I'm interested to see if they stick to their flavors all summer again!  

So, you've probably noticed this blog has taken a turn (did you notice the title change), more of a daily log/journal/diary.  The girls each have a summer journal and I'm joining them in an electronic version.  It might not be the most exciting stuff---nothing like the excitement of bricks being laid and roofs flying!  It's fun for me though and I hope it reminds me every day of how lucky I am to be hanging out with the coolest 2 people ever!  

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hip, hip, hooray, no rain today!

The materials for the fence arrived this morning.  The girls watched as they were unloaded from the truck.  All of the post holes were dug --Kevin had a huge smile on his face as he watched....thank goodness we decided against putting in the fence ourselves .....I use "ourselves" very liberally :) !  Nice that we have a saw on our dining room table!
Ready for a walk to the library and lunch at the park.

A great spot to watch the work on 40--the girls didn't want to leave.  I thought they might have had enough construction for a while but obviously it still holds their interest!  

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A sweet and sunny afternoon!

Eckert's is sooo much fun!  We picked (and ate) lots of strawberries this afternoon.  There were so many ripe berries that is was very easy to fill up a basket.  We picked 7 pounds and if I hadn't been stopped we would've had way more, I was a little out of control, it's hard to stop!  
Between Emma and Ellie they probably ate another 7 pounds or so.
So peaceful!  
As much fun as picking berries was I think that what occurred once we got home was the best part!  Emma wanted to give her preschool teachers some strawberries for the last day of school tomorrow.  She carefully put berries in plastic baskets from Eckert's and wrote cards for each basket.  Ellie, wanting to do the same, started to make baskets and cards of her own.  She was making them for her teachers at the Family Center.  We've gone there once a week all school year and yesterday was our last day.  I figured I would dissuade her from actually delivering the baskets since I didn't really want to drive the fruit over to the Family Center.  That was until Ellie read me this card, it reads "To Mr. Clyde, because you are a very important person. Love, Ellie".  Mr. Clyde is the custodian at the Family Center and indeed a very important person.   We'll be driving these baskets over to the Family Center first thing tomorrow morning, who can resist a heart so sweet?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

At last!

Finally some pictures!  The sod arrived yesterday and we are pleased to say the least!  The sprinkler is running full force as I write, trying to keep that stuff green.  The girls loved rolling in the grass, their friend from down the street is in the corner of the picture!  The street is just full of kids!
We are so happy with our new home.  Every detail feels right.   
Come on in!  
The perfectly cozy living room!  This shot is looking in from the kitchen.  We are so happy with this space.  It is great for watching tv, playing games and reading too.
This is looking in from the entry.
The kitchen!  We love it so much!  The back of the island is a perfect easel for painting!  
Looking into the kitchen from my desk.  We are very happy that we went ahead with the tile, it really completes the look.  
My desk, still needs a little organizing and wire hiding is wonderful!  I love having a spot for my things.  The large closet is full of craft supplies for Emma and Ellie...who needs food storage?!  
Our dining room.  When we were thinking about the kind of house we wanted the kitchen and dining room were the most important areas for us.  We wanted an area that was very open and able to accommodate various situations.  For instance a kitchen/dining room that is as comfortable when one kid is doing art, one is reading, and I'm cooking dinner while watching the news...hopefully catching Ben :), as it is when we are entertaining.  We also wanted a space we could grow into as life changes, can't you just see built ins around the windows and a piano where the kiddie kitchen and table are??  This kitchen/dining room is a perfect fit for us!
Kevin's office.  YEA, Kevin has a place to work when he's working from home!  Boo!  Another area in need of some serious organization!  Oh well, it will come.  My dad got ahold of these book cases from an acquaintance who salvaged them from the Columbia Public Library when it was torn down and rebuilt.  Being a huge fan of that place between the ages of 3 and 18  I LOVE  these book cases!  We are hoping we can round up one more.  
Kevin's windows!
The back hallway.  This is just off the kitchen.  The door on the left is the 1/2 bath, the mutt in the middle is Gus, the door to the right is the laundry and the back space will soon be a closet.
Hooray!!  This is a great little spot.  The girls have a spot for all of their shoes and coats.  The driveway was just finished last week and we'll be able to drive on it in about a week.  We'll start coming in the back door then which will make this even better since it is right inside the back door.
Cannot say enough about these two!  There are cabinets above the washer and dryer which are really nice.  We are going to add a little more storage in here this summer.
YIKES.  This is supposed to be a closet.  However we need to go back to Ikea to exchange a few items.  Until then it's just scary.  
Going upstairs!  The staircase turned out great.
Looking down the stairs.  The runner was a good move, so happy with the color.  The installer had Ellie stand on the stairs so that we could have maximum stair showing but still keep her safe!  These are the kind of people we worked with throughout the building process...everyone waned us to be 100% happy...and we are!  
The upstairs hallway.  We need a wide angle lens to get the full scope of the house, especially upstairs.  This space is so nice and big, another good spot for the girls to hang out.
The girls room!  Nice and roomy and totally girly!
The guest room.  Guests must bring sleeping bags for the next few weeks!  We'll have the bed set up soon though!  For now this room is great for building forts and dancing in!
The girls bathroom.   Just right.
Our bathroom, totally impossible for me to take a picture which gives any real perspective!  It is terrific though, having a little space and somewhere to put everything.  
Our bedroom, again no real perspective!  It is so nice though!  Look!! No Rubbermaid bin as a nightstand, we're using our real furniture again!  
The chest in the corner was Kevin's grandma's.  The drawers stick and it is a little wobbly.  I wasn't going to use it after the move so I put it in the guest room... for about three days.  I missed it, all of its wobbles and the irritation I felt every time I had to fight with a drawer to get to my clothes.  I like old things, the history and the fact that it's been around awhile.  So, it's back, and this time I think it's here to stay.

Here is something to smile at.  This is what we look at from our bed, not a wire rack full of Kevin's clothes just waiting to fall on us in the middle of the night. 

So there you have it, our home sweet home, crooked pictures and all!  I used Kevin's camera--which due to its size I struggle to take decent pictures with.  However, I still don't have a way to get pics off of my camera and onto the computer  My goal this summer is to learn how to take good pictures using Kevin's camera!  Check back and see if I achieve my goal, I plan to continue to post pictures of the house and lots more of the kids.

Thanks for all of your  prayers and words of encouragement over the past year.  They helped more than you'll ever know.   We adore our house and wouldn't change a thing.   If you haven't already visited we can't wait to see you and if you have, come back soon!