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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Recap

So happy with her non-Disney sleeping bag, which was becoming a little embarrassing to bring for sleepovers.

Also happy with her Santa gift!

She was delighted with each and every item she came across Christmas morning!   She got little things like pacifiers, band-aids and board books and of course thought she'd hit the jack pot.

Christmas 2012 was wonderful!  Each year I learn the same lesson about the best way for us to enjoy the holiday --the simpler things are the happier we are.   This year there were less gifts, less outings (we meant to go to Tilles Park and the zoo....), and less junk food (until the last week when that's totally flown out the window).  Fabulous!   I did less decorating and loved that too, they'll be even less to come next year.  Still, with less decorating it all had to come down today, the walls were starting to close in around me; what is cozy and fun in late November becomes clutter and stress inducing to me in late December.  So now it's all packed away until November 2013 on that certain day when I just can't wait a moment longer to fill our house with Christmas.  

 I'm so thankful for a great Christmas and all the blessings this season brought!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Teddy Bear Tea

Gram and the girls for their yearly fireplace shot.

Lucy did so well drinking hot chocolate out of a tea cup.  She loved that she could add as many marshmallows as she wanted.  
The kids' plate!   Each girl had her own.  

A face painting with stockings and blue eye shadow!  
Such sweet girls!  I love them so much.

Lucy's sort of smile.

Kevin did all of the girls hair and got them dressed this morning!  There isn't anything that guy can't do!  

                                                          Christmas is almost here!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Watch out Pinterest!

I joined Pinterest for the sole reason of finding a few new Advent activities.  Thankfully that's all I've searched for and have spent about 30 minutes total in this endeavor.   I found some cute ideas.  Here's one we put into action tonight, Snowman Sundaes.

Here's the Pintrest version.  I doubt they had nearly as much fun or as many laughs building theirs.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Getting better

What a few days it's been! I'm using my phone to post this while laying in bed recovering from the stomach flu. I've spent the day sleeping, reading Facebook, and watching White Christmas. I keep thinking I'm doing pretty good and then I think about doing something productive and the mere thought exhausts me. I can handle a post though! The good news is my dad is here and a huge help with the kids. The bad news is my dad is here because it's Christmas Shop week and that is where I should be. Yesterday as I was hugging the toilet of the City Recreation Center all I could think was, I had 364 days to get sick (in all fairness I think I was sick at least 2 of those 364 days..and really there are a lot of other days that would be no fun to be sick... throwing up in a less than clean public restroom clearly makes me melodramatic). But, the show goes on and I know that things at the shop are going well, the other 2 co-chairs are great and we have amazing people volunteering all week...I just miss being there. Hoping tomorrow I feel great and am back at the shop bright and early!

Here's a photo with the sweetheart that shared this virus with me! She got it Thursday and while she slept all day Friday, I disinfected the house hoping to keep everyone else well. At least ( so far) the rest of the family is ok!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

This morning....

I bet you'd wake up happy too if you had hair this awesome and got to wear a tutu while drinking a smoothie out of Santa mug.  

Sunday, December 2, 2012


 Advent has started!  It's my favorite time of year.  We have 3 Advent calendars this year.  Our homemade calendar with daily messages, the chocolate version and the newest addition, the Lego Advent calendar, with little things to build each day.  We're also doing a daily Advent devotional and we have a new sweet book for Lucy with a daily Advent story. Our hope is to keep us all focused on what this month is all about.   This is the time of year I'm most thankful that the kids don't watch television, I think it makes it easier to avoid some of the sad consumerism focus.  We're also working hard to remember the awesome message that "Christmas is NOT your birthday!".  Thanks Sally!!

  On Saturday we cleaned up the front yard and in the late afternoon we surprised the kids by taking them to get a tree at Ted Drewes.  Of course followed by custard and I think a new tradition, pizza.  In that order.

This year, Emma and Eleanor, all on their own, chose really cute ornaments with the same theme, "sisters".   Lucy's of course has animals.  I think this may be the last year of matching Christmas pajamas.  Emma is at the last size Carter's makes in pajamas.  WAAAAA!

Emma's ornament reads "we put the "us" in fabulous".
Eleanor's ornament reads "life with you is a hoot, sister.
I always love our Christmas tree, and every year I say the same thing....this is our best tree yet.  But really, this is our best tree.  Finally, right smack dab in front of the living room window.   We thought about a fake tree this year.  Thank goodness we came to our senses.