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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Good Bye Buddy Boy.

Today Gus went on his last great adventure. He escaped this morning and was hit by a car and died. It has been the most agonizing day. I have cried buckets and am still crying as I write this. I cannot believe the depth to which I miss this crazy dog. Everything hurts. I want him to bark, and scratch and protect us. I'm just about to go up to bed and he's not going to scurry behind me and jump right into his spot, then jump down 50 times to check the front door, the girls room and come back. I don't know how I'll sleep with all that silence.

I just started upstairs and had to come back to add this, it has summed things up. Emma is singing a song upstairs in my room that goes like this-

We used to be 5 and now we're 4
I don't know how we'll be
We used to be 5 and now we're 4
I miss him so much
We used to be 5 and now we're 4
I don't know how we'll be

Friday, September 25, 2009

A day with nature!

The day started with a kindergarten field trip to Powder Valley.
There was a ratio of about 2 kids to every adult so it was a lot of fun. I got to hang out with Emma and her best friend. It was great!
When Ellie and I got home from preschool we had quite a surprise waiting for us. Our butterfly hatched!

We waited for Emma and John, our very wonderful neighbor, to get home from school before letting the butterfly go.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Me too...

This evening before dinner Emma wrote and illustrated some of the things she loves. She ended with this one, I love love! I love it too and am so grateful for a weekend full of it. I didn't capture much through pictures but have it all right in my mind and heart.
Some of the things that make me smile...
-The family photo shoot which included Gordon, Mom, Blake, Ben, Meredith, Dan, Emma, Ellie, Kevin and me and had us all on the ground and laughing.
-Dinner at Ranoush with all of the great people above plus Sean!
-A lazy Saturday morning at home which included a visit from Mom, Blake and Ben...making our home feel truly complete!
-The Balloon Race!!
-A catered dinner at mom and Gordon's ...yea!! no one had to cook, which left a lot more time to talk and watch mom's great slideshow of our summer vacation.
-A bike ride home in the rain :)!
-Breakfast at our house with Dad, Kyra, Mom, Gordon, Jim, Jackie, Blake, and Ben.
-A comfy afternoon inside with Dad, and Kyra.
Uncle Blake and Ben gave Emma a copy of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory which they watched this morning. Being LA residents, where they feel guilty sitting inside, they were fully enjoying the rain and movie day!

Ellie and her Ben!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The best way to end summer in St. Louis!

The night before the Balloon Glow in Forest Park, which kicks off the Balloon Race Weekend, the St. Louis Symphony performs a free concert on Art Hill. This is our second year to attend and I hope we never miss a year in the future!

Here the symphony is tuning up and getting ready.

There were lots of people out enjoying the beautiful evening , their friends and family and lovely Forest Park.

After the concert there was a great fireworks display which the girls loved. Here Ellie is saying "Dad get a picture of this"!

So he did!

The Symphony has a really great lineup of shows this year, I know we can't wait to go!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Party and Planting

Here the cousins are taking advantage of some early jump time in the jump house. Emma, Ellie and Bella had a wonderful time together. They are all so excited and counting the days until the weekend of the 26th when we'll all be in Columbia together.

WOW, was about all I could say.

Thanks to my Dad we have these pictures! I didn't take a single one. Very cute to see these girls eating lunch, if you could only see the giant box (which we had 2 of) that this pizza came in! Thanks to Gordon for picking those things up.

Due to the wonderful support of all 6 grandparents the party was lots of fun. Everyone manned a station. Kyra made paper plate bluebirds.

Mom helped paint birdhouses.

We did have some non-grandparent help too! Lisa was once again the most wonderful dance instructor! On the non-grandparent help front, thanks Pocius Family for letting us use your driveway and your little table and chairs!

Grandma, Grandpa and Jake painted faces!

Dad guarded the jump house while Kevin and I rotated through all stations making sure there were no big catastrophes, because with 26 kids you never know what might happen. Gordon kept guard and was seen watching the jump house at the end. This was fantastic party and I'm so thankful for all of the help we had.

Saturday's Planting

The arrival of the plants.

Many wonderful volunteers, and Kevin hard at work!

Things quickly took shape.

The happy recipients and the hardworking crew!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Emma Josephine Baum is 6 years old! What a great morning we've already had, homemade cinnamon rolls, opening gifts and playing with some new gifts. We are so excited about Emma's birthday!

We'll post more photos soon! Both of this wonderful birthday and of the planting. It has started!

Friday, September 11, 2009

6 years ago today...

We were waiting for St. John's to call. My induction was scheduled for any time after noon. It was a loooong day! This picture never fails to shock me. It also makes me laugh as I remember wobbling around my classroom trying to squeeze between desks and kids while little heads bobbed forward as my huge belly knocked into them.

We got a call from St. John's at 6. My room wasn't ready until almost 10. At that point I was exhausted and starving, having not eaten since noon, and being enormous. They gave me a popsicle. Like that was going to help.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ellie's back

She woke up fever free and felt great all day! Thank goodness!

We enjoyed a wonderful Sunday at home. Lots of Uno, working in the yard (prepping for the big plant next week) a little birthday planning, a Barbie movie, a Starbuck's run, some sewing time and three meals cooked by Dad! Emma asked that I take this picture to show that she has stayed well, right after I snapped, Ellie pushed Emma, then turned around and ran.
Which of course turned into a race around the table and squeals of laughter. Yes, things are back to normal around here.

"Hello, I'm better". Good to hear Ellie!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

We're not in Chicago :(!

Friday morning at 4 Ellie woke up crying with a fever! Poor kiddo! She has felt pretty poorly since then. I'll spare you all of the details but it's been rough. We saw the doctor yesterday and she assured us this is a virus. The American Girl Chicago trip had to be postponed.

Emma has been an amazing trooper! She has been looking forward to this trip for a long time. I made her and Kit matching Mizzou dresses this morning hoping that might perk her up some. Kyra is making a long sleeved MU dress for the girls so I tried a pillowcase dress. Emma says she feels like she's wearing a bag....she kind of is, but she sure looks cute in a bag!

Gram came and picked Emma up for lunch and a little shopping so all in all things are working out ok!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Want a honeycrisp?

On Saturday morning we drove to Eckert's for some apple picking. I would have never thought of picking apples, it being August and all. Lucky for us Holly had her apple radar up and knew the Honeycrisp were ready to be picked.

Ellie and Daddy reaching for some delicious apples!
A balancing act.

Some very sweet girls eating some very sweet apples!

I love this vantage point at Eckert's! You can see St. Louis in the background.

Kory and Kevin enjoying an apple. We've been apple picking with the Kunzes since 1998. We always have a great time!