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Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Break!

Christmas break has started and we are loving having time off together!

So far we've.....
Built a house on the couch, after they arrived in the living room on their horses (dining room chairs make the best horses!).

Made cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning.

Enjoyed a holiday program at the symphony, complete with Santa and a sing along.

Bundled up and searched for ice in the backyard!

Baked cookies...

and more cookies.

Read lots of Christmas stories, listened to Christmas music until we've heard every song at least 50 times, eaten too many of those Christmas cookies, discovered the silliness of Santa Clause 3, which prompted us to purchase the Santa Clause box set, which means that after I finish this, we'll be watching Santa Clause 2 ...we're watching them backwards. I love Christmas break!

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