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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We have a date!

August 22nd we'll be welcoming our new little one. Well, probably not August 22nd but somehow having a due date seems so official and tidy and I like the thought that August 22nd IS the date. This afternoon I looked through a few pictures of when I was pregnant with Ellie. I was trying to determine if I was really THIS big THIS early with her. Who knows, the pictures don't really tell but I loved this one. It so captures how I feel during these early weeks. Sort of trapped on the couch. Soooo wanting to feel like myself and go have fun. AHHHH, just a couple more weeks, week 14 has been my "back to normal" week in the past so I'll be there soon. Until then I'll take comfort in the fact that my body is doing what it needs to do for this little one!

On vacation in Colorado--slept most of the trip!

Look at her!!! I cannot believe she was so little, just 21 months!

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Grandpa...Bill said...

Well - March 18th must look preety good from couch view. Thanks for the reminder Melissa – I recall these photos as if they were taken yesterday… hours tossing rocks in the puddle, dramatic hikes up the hill next to the cabin, an ill advised summit approach, Blake and Emma doing puzzles and you sleeping on the couch.