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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day Weekend!

Our weekend started early with the arrival of Uncle Blake from LA. We loved having him here with us. I think he got the full treatment, from pick up at school, to walking home, an after school play date, lunch in the school cafeteria, The Little Red Hen performance, t-ball, and a visit to Chill (the closet thing we have to LA's Pinkberry). We wished the weekend could go on and on but alas he had to return home. Can't wait to see him again soon! In between all of that fun with Uncle Blake we also squeezed in a visit with Grandpa and Kyra, celebrated Bella's 8th birthday in Lake St. Louis, felt terribly inept at a trivia night, ate a great dinner at Gram's, enjoyed church--during which I cried for happiness (pregnancy hormones???), and ate brunch with our moms and Great Grandma--who looks lovely at 88! I now need to retire to my bed to recover from all of this fun!

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