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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

After a rather rough Christmas Eve evening, slamming doors, refusal to eat dinner,  melodramatic crying, icky behavior (no, it wasn't Kevin OR me) I was wondering if the Christmas spirit would be alive and well come Christmas morning.  

Maybe it was the gift of snow that brought the Christmas Spirit back.
Emma and Ellie spent  hours outside playing in the snow.  Isn't that one good looking snowman?!  

New crayons and notebooks were a hit too, making the rug in front of the fireplace a favorite spot all day long.

A friend stopping by to read a good book was well appreciated!

 Need a good laugh?  Try playing Apples to Apples ---so much fun.  Sure to be a favorite winter game!

Lucy was thrilled with her first Christmas.  Here she is cracking up over Five Little Monkeys.  It is a pretty good book, especially when Ellie is doing a puppet show!

Merry Christmas!

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