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Friday, April 27, 2012

I was a better mother.....

There's a book titled I was a really good mother before I had kids I've never read it but I like the title.  I have all kinds of things I could tag under that title.  For one, before I had kids I thought I'd make them a nice, hot, home cooked breakfast before sending them off to school each morning.   It was such a sweet dream, me all well rested and flipping hot cakes onto plates while the children patiently waited.   Fast forward to my kitchen today... I have one child who will eat (wear) anything at anytime, one who wants packaged oatmeal and a turkey sausage patty every morning, and a third who doesn't even want to talk about breakfast--a quarter bowl of oatmeal, some dry cereal, really--dry, the white of a hard boiled egg, maybe, if I'm lucky.  They really are angels aren't they?!  Saving me from all that early morning cooking.  Plus, it means scrambled eggs, bacon and toast aren't proclaimed breakfast only foods, they're freed up for the dinner rotation.
Our own Goldilocks.  Had to try everyone else's leftovers.


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