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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I find a lot of joy in chronicling the daily doings of my family. 
 I think it's a good reflective practice.  A reminder of all I have to be thankful of and maybe best of all a way to recognize seasons in the life of my family. 

 It seems that over the last year or so I'm feeling less free in my writing.  
 I live with a tween and an almost tween and they deserve a great deal of privacy. 
 They don't need me writing out the details of their frustrations, or amazing discoveries, or funny antics.  

 I am so often tempted to write these stories because they are real and beautiful and full of the magic that is life in a house with my girls.

Though, these are their stories to share if they wish, not mine. 
And because I know that change is inevitable and indeed seasons change, 
 I've decided it's time to stop sharing my blog publicly.  
I'll continue to write my version of their stories privately because this really has become such a special place for me and I know someday, a gift for my girls.

Maybe I'll start a Days with Lucy and Teddy Blog! They are still up for anything, including me posting our crazy 20 minute selfie session.  Getting Teddy to cooperate was futile! But fun!

Anyway, thank you so much for reading my blog over the last 6 years.  Remember,  like my Nana always told me, write your stories down, you think you'll never forget, but honey, you will!

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