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Tuesday, December 30, 2014


It has been a wonderful December!  
I think this was my favorite Christmas Season ever.  
Here are a few things that made it such an fantastic Christmas!

1.) We got our tree later than usual......

 We all enjoyed the entire process so much more.  No rushing and stressing.  Plus the tree is beautiful and still has most of its needles, today on the 6th day of Christmas.  Last year it was a dry fire hazard by the time Christmas morning arrived.

2.) We made time for things that we wanted to do but might have otherwise felt selfish for doing....

For me that meant two Christmas movies at the Hi Pointe and keeping up with my running.   I don't usually run in December, I get too busy and just can't justify the time.  Until this year.

  For Kevin this "selfish time" meant a day off in the middle of the week to take a long bike ride.  

Overall these acts meant happy, relaxed people who were more prepared for the expectations of the holidays. 

 3.) We went to Columbia to celebrate before Christmas rather than after.....

Which meant that we were festive and happy rather than tired and sick.  I loved this change! 

4.) We enjoyed long held traditions, even though things are changing in our midst.....

Blurry but you can still see our Emma in her last holiday sing.  

Teddy Bear Tea.  

5.) We spent as much time as possible at home eating waffles and drinking hot drinks from the Keurig...

Above picture not at home but it is at a home we love and the waffle maker is being used so it still proves my point :)!

We worked this year to make blank space on the calendar to just be.  Such a gift.

5.) We spent as much time as possible with this guy....

and the rest of our family.  Yay!!  I feel so blessed to have the family I do.  I love them like crazy but I like them too!  The older I get them more I am reminded that what we have is a very special thing.

 Some things that are not pictured but also helped...
*Having Eleanor's birthday party with friends in mid December rather than after the new year. Similar to the feeling we had in celebrating Christmas in Columbia earlier, having Eleanor's birthday in early December capitalized on the festive feeling of the month.
*Not sending Christmas cards.  I'm not saying I'll never send them again but I haven't missed sending them the last couple of years.
*Our Want-Read-Wear-Need gifts to the kids.  I LOVE THIS!  It has made such a difference in our gift giving.  We've never been extravagant in our giving but this has helped us to be even more mindful.  The kids make lists with these categories in mind and it is so much fun.  They know they'll only receive 4 gifts and they are content.
*All 3 girls have discovered sleeping in!

Merry Christmas to you!  
I hope it was full of family, friends and a message of hope and love from Christ, the Newborn King!

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