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Monday, August 3, 2015

Summer Vacation 2015- The Mountains

Cool air,
blue skies,
snow topped peaks
time away with people we love
made for a wonderful escape to the mountains.

Colorado was fantastic.  We hiked and camped, some cards were played and books were read and a whole lot of fun was had. 
 Since we've been home I've been slowly getting a handle our house.  In the days between Florida and Colorado I only took the clothes out of the suitcases, I didn't actually put anything away.  And since we didn't really need the same things in Colorado as we'd packed for Florida, when we returned from Colorado I had a whole lot of laundry on my hands!  Plus somewhere in there the dishwasher kicked the bucket and the yard got out of control and well it feels good this morning to be on top of things.  Sort of.  

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