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Sunday, January 3, 2016


Yesterday in the late afternoon we went on our New Year hike.  When we returned home everyone was happy and refreshed and a hot pot of taco soup was waiting for us, which made us even happier.  I wish we would remember to make space for hiking more often.

This morning I got out of bed at 7:22 for a 7:30 run.  We've been staying up late, late, late, which means getting up late, late, late.   Tomorrow is going to hurt. But we can do hard things, and tomorrow and probably Tuesday and maybe even Wednesday--they're gonna be hard!

We went to the 10:45 service, which is always busy, but this morning (Resolutions!) it was even more packed than usual, which means we ended up in the balcony.  I have trouble paying attention when we sit up there, my mind keeps drifting to the balcony collapsing under all that weight.  I have a new notebook and pen though and Matt suggested list makers would love this sermon (hey, that's me!) so I took notes and wasn't distracted (much) by my fear of falling through the ceiling.  After communion I went to the bathroom and barged in on some poor lady.  I apologized and then hid in the stall next to her until I was sure she was gone, not wanting to face her again.  Upon returning to my seat, there she was, turns out she was sitting in front of me, that was awkward!  I sure hope she wasn't visiting for the first time--first the balcony, then the bathroom!

Even though tomorrow will be bumpy, with having to wake up and get dressed, I'm ready for a great first week of January!

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