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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Lowering the blade

Two days ago I mowed our yard and it looks like in two days more I'll need to mow again.   Tonight after dinner as I looked into our backyard I said aloud but to no one in particular-

 "Looks like I'm going to need to lower the blade"

Emma responded- " Really mom?  You could just say you need to mow, you don't need to try to be poetic about it"

Oh, I laughed so hard I choked.   This is life with a tween.  If they weren't so funny you'd lose your mind.  But amongst the aggravation there is so much laughter and goodness and it makes a person remember what they like about the world.

And one of the things I really like about the world is summer.  It's been it's normal slightly rocky start but it's just getting better from here, I'm pretty sure just about all of the grumpies have been worked out of our systems!

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