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Monday, November 23, 2009

I give up!

Emma and Ellie have a bed time of 8:00. Right now it is 9:35, Ellie is snoozing away as she has been for the last hour and 35 minutes -we hardly leave the room and she's sound asleep. Emma on the other hand is wide awake. She has discovered the delight of reading in bed. We tried giving her 30 minutes before bed but she wanted more. She sneaks on the light after a few minutes and the reading begins. We've gently reminded her of her bed time, we've not so gently reminded, we've threatened, we've bribed but she keeps on reading. So tonight I gave up. I walked into her room and said "Fine Emma! Read all night if you want, but you'd better be in a good mood in the morning". The things I say!
Tonight's choice--The Boxcar Children.

This girl can sleep through anything! Thank goodness!!

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