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Monday, March 1, 2010

Ten Fingers Up

Ellie was sick for the first part of the weekend. By this morning she was fever free for 24 hours and wanting to go to school, so away she went. When I picked her up from school she didn't look so good to me. I asked her how she was feeling, she gave me her brilliant smile and two thumbs up. Throughout the afternoon she continued to have that sickly child look about her and finally, on what was probably my fifth time asking her how she felt she said, "Mommy really, I'm feeling 10 fingers up!". After Emma came home from school Ellie disappeared for a bit. Emma came racing down stairs gasping "MOM, Ellie is sound ASLEEP!!!". Sure enough, unprompted, Ellie and her passy had gone upstairs gotten into my bed and fallen asleep. Not so sure she's still 10 fingers up ☹.

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