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Monday, July 19, 2010

Has it really come to this?

Today at Target, just as we began our shopping trip, Ellie stepped on the back of my comfy, kind of cute flip flop.  Unaware, I continued to walk and my comfy, kind of cute flip flop ripped apart.  I picked up my shoe, looked at the girls and we all three erupted in laughter.  After composing ourselves, we shuffled over to the shoe department in search of the cheapest pair of shoes available.  I saw no reason in really looking much, as fate would have it I've just put in an order with my friend Holly for some really cute flip flops that her friend makes.  While I refuse to buy any more maternity clothing for my ever expanding body, even if it means I may be wearing the same outfit over and over and over, I will buy a pair of flip flops because hey, I'll still be wearing those after this baby arrives!   Anyway, back to the Target shoe department,  I rummaged through the $2.50 flip flops and found this sleek pair of 7/8s, pulled off the tags and continued on.  We completed our shopping trip, I paid for the shoes and about a million other things and away we went.  Once home I realized these shoes felt a little large.  I stared at them---something wasn't right.  Then it hit me, I'd purchased a men's 7/8.  This  really wouldn't have been that odd if I'd purchased them, not worn them but brought them home, only to discover that "gee, these look really big" but I WORE them throughout the store and all the way home, never realizing that I have a full inch and a half of empty shoe behind my heel.  Seriously, I'm not running on a full tank.

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