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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Zero and a half

Our sweet Lucy is six months today, or as her sisters are saying, she's zero and a half!
6 month stats

Weight- 16 lb. 4 oz. ...she has exactly doubled her birthweight...there is something about this girl and numbers-
Born 8.9.10, weighed 8 pounds 4 ounces, on 2.9.11 (2+9=11) her half birthday, she doubled her weight.

Length - 27 inches

Eyes- Hazel

Hair- Red, but a different shade than Emma's,  a lot more brown

Dimples- 1 on her cheek, 1 on each elbow and several on her thighs

Teeth- 2 pushing through on the bottom

Favorites- Jumping in her exersaucer, batting at toys, grabbing the spoon out of your hand while feeding her and gagging herself, laughing at everything her sisters do, rolling over and over, making the world a better place....well, at least my world!

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