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Monday, May 9, 2011

9 months!

This is exactly what it's like trying to keep up with baby Lucy.  You can try, but I bet you she's faster.  
Our Lulu is happy, friendly and full of energy.  Just like a little puppy!  In fact this morning Kevin and I caught her peeking out the front door window just like a certain someone used to do.

My first two cherubs were happy to sit in place and play with whatever mama plopped in front of them.  No one even attempted crawling until well into their tenth month.  And pulling up?  Nah!  They didn't do that until they were at least a year.

Lucy has already mastered the art of crawling and has moved on to pulling herself up and onto whatever she can.  This TV box proved to be loads of fun.
Can you blame them?  Too bad she can't read.

Of course when she's strapped in she turns on the charm.  Riding on an elevator in her stroller last week she was determined to make friends with every last person.  She has learned how to say "HI" ok, it sure sounds like "HI" and her intonation is perfect.  Anyway she greeted everyone and I'll tell you I don't think I've ever been on an elevator with 5 happier people! 
Our sweet,  goofy baby.  Oh, how we love you Lucy!
9 month stats
Weight and Height- ?  She goes to the doctor this week so we'll see.   For a Baum baby she's a skinny one!  All that movin'!
Hair- red
Eyes- blue
Dimple- still there
Teeth- 5, with 1 more just about to pop through was a big month!
Favorites- Crawling all over, singing, playing peek a boo, taking a bath, reading books, sitting outside, feeding herself cheerios

9 months?  Impossible that it's gone by so fast and yet hard to remember how life was before.  

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Grandpa...Bill said...

It's so very telling to see Lucy perched on a box like a owl ready to swoop down on her prey, having fun next Emma as she's deep in contemplation, looking “lost” in front of Eleanor’s closed door & do not disturb sign.