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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

10 months and I'm grumpy

               Last Thursday Lucy turned 10 months!
Our happy, silly, sweet Lucy!

10 month stats:
Weight and Height- Unknown.  Fingers crossed no trips to the doctor until August so until then she'll go unmeasured!  
Eyes- Blue or green, depends on what she's wearing.
Hair- Red, no doubt about it.
Dimples- 1 on her cheek and 1 that sometimes shows up on her chin.  Seems one of my Great Aunts also had one sided facts from a family reunion! 
Favorites- Swinging outside on our swing set while her sisters do underdogs!  Reading, singing, climbing everything in sight.  Making a mess at every meal.  

In other news, I'm a terrible grump right now.  For the past week or so I've been letting little things bother me and forgetting that kids get to have a range of emotions too, that happy is not the only option.   I find that every once in a while I get worn down, that being the mommy, while it's my favorite role ever is exhausting work.  But a little extra rest, lots of prayer and maybe some time to do something by myself (I'm going to a PTO meeting tonight, seriously I know this is sad, but for an hour I get to just sit and NO ONE is going to need anything from me...except maybe for me to volunteer for something, and honestly, today is NOT the day to ask)  is generally just the cure I need.  Tomorrow will be a super day...a great start because grouchy is no way to spend a summer!

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