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Friday, August 12, 2011


I'm part of a book club that meets once a month to discuss one chapter of the book we're reading.  It's non-fiction and each chapter can stand alone.  Genius!  I can commit to that.   Last month the author, Barbara Brown Taylor, suggested what it would be to answer the question "where do you want to be in life" with "right here, since this is where I am".  Clearly not all of life can be lived in such a simple way, plans must be made, goals set, items crossed off the list.  But to be firmly grounded in what is today to embrace that beauty, I've come to believe that is where the joy in life lies.
8.9.11 came and our baby girl turned 1.  What a gift she is, truly Heaven sent.  Over the last year I've seen her sisters become caretakers, patient in ways I was unaware they were capable, loving and open, ready to help.  Confident with their place in our family, aware of our need for each one.  I've seen us all take a deep breath and "check out".   Life continued on around us but rarely did we feel the pull of it's unnecessary buzz.  A newborn baby can do that.  I'm not sad that our baby is one.  Oh, she's a fun one!  Talking, pointing, rolling merrily along.   My prayer is not to keep her little bitty, it's to keep us all "right here" embracing the now, focusing on the real life that is all around us.

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