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Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer Scene 5: Wowzers!

It's the end of summer and we're lazy, lazy.  Judging by our t.v. habits over the last few days you'd think we were junkies.  The girls are obsessed with the Inspector Gadget cartoon, streaming nonstop from Netflix.  I guess I could worry, think they're watching too much.  I'm not.  I'm all for playing outside, reading, writing, using your imagination, being bored, getting unstuck and creating your summer away.  But truth be told I'm also all for relaxing and being lazy for a a few days!  While the girls are getting their fill of Gadget, Lucy and I are listening to The Hunger Games on Audible and perfecting her block destroying, and stair climbing.  Here's to a Go-Go Gadget summer!

Yikes!  I think they've just entered into a t.v. coma!

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