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Sunday, October 23, 2011

A rockin' run!

This morning I ran my first post Lucy Adelaide half-marathon.  It was hard and I am tired, sore and HUNGRY!  But, it was amazing!  This summer when I first started contemplating training I was struggling to run 5 miles.  I wondered how I'd more than double the distance.  This training was the best thing for me.    There were lots of days I pushed Lulu in the stroller right after I dropped the girls at school or frantically before I picked them up.  We ran in the rain, in the heat, and sometimes when neither one of us wanted.   All those days we fit in a run when it didn't seem possible, when I wore my running clothes all day "just in case", when we skipped something else even though it sounded more fun, culminated into the best feeling.  Today I am stronger mentally and physically than I was just a few months ago.  Setting a goal and seeing it through, it's worth it.
My little running buddy with our medal.  I tied my PR which makes me super happy since when I started training this summer I just hoped to finish.  Kevin however was AWESOME today and ran a 1:42!!!  A PR for him!  

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