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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Bath time after the vaseline incident.
It's been days since I posted last.  And what good days they've been.  I've felt peaceful and focused; able to enjoy the little bits of Christmas all around. I love Christmas but honestly by about the 20th my steam is running low.  Too much sugar?   Shopping list too long?  Lack of sleep?  Probably.  I have to admit at least 2 of the 3 hold true this year too.  But my steam is ample.  Christmas feels perfect this year.    What's different? Age, experience, my faith walk?  Probably.  I was also blessed to serve as a co-chair for the Kingdom House Christmas Shop, a volunteer gig which after accepting made me seriously wonder if I'd lost my mind.   I spent last week at the shop which provided new Christmas gifts for 600 very needy St. Louis families.  Even though I run the risk of sounding incredibly over the top, I'll say it anyway.  I'm not quite the same, and I hope never to be quite the same again.  Witnessing the goodness, and generosity that is abundant in our community was humbling.  Being a part of Christmas for families in need has put Christmas into perspective for me...forever I hope.  I helped a mom shop for her son, and watched as she excitedly picked out a pillow, a regular old bed pillow.  She was so happy because he doesn't have his own.   I saw a middle aged man from Kirkwood sit at the bus stop with a woman and her Christmas gifts packaged in trash bags, as the rain poured down, he didn't want her waiting alone.  I found out that jeans are better for little ones than leggings because they're warmer and can stand up to more dirt, and more washings.  I now know that when you live where these families live, a Target gift card is useless because you can't get there. No, I won't be the same.  And thank goodness for that.  My kitchen looks a bakery disaster, I just finished shopping for our fabulous teachers THIS morning (school is out today!) Lucy covered all of her hair and face in vaseline as I was distracted  brushing Emma's hair in a hurry, trying to get out the door on time, which meant we took the girls to school and ran our errands with Lucy looking like an oil slick, with every little piece of everything sticking to her.  It's Christmas and things couldn't be better!  How very, very blessed we are.

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