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Friday, January 20, 2012


Yesterday, Lucy started daycare, she'll now be attending one day a week.  It's the same daycare Emma and Eleanor attended....same teachers too.   That says all you need to know about this place.  That doesn't happen at just any daycare.  We've been working on getting her comfortable with the idea, Lucy and I visited and we've all been talking to her about how much fun she'll have.
On her big day Lucy woke up an hour and a half early.  She barely touched her breakfast , we even had her favorite "moatmeal" and she was a bit fussy.  Eleanor said "Mom, I think she has butterflies".  I smiled and nodded, then told the girls to wait at the door for me while I did one last thing (swept the moatmeal off of the floor---I was determined to leave it---couldn't do it though).  When I finished up this is what awaited me.
I pretty much lost it.  Maybe it was taking my baby to daycare for the first time or maybe, better yet, almost certainly, it was my thankfulness for living with such kind, loving, and intuitive people.  Butterflies be gone.

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Grandpa...Bill said...

Thank you so much Melissa. This is the most beaautiful and wonderful thing that you could have shared with me today.