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Sunday, July 1, 2012

12 years!

Kevin and I have been married for 12 years today!  I really hit the jackpot with this guy!   There are so many things I love about him but one quality I noticed about him from the very beginning, (almost 17 years ago) was the way he treated others and his constant willingness to help.
Take this weekend for example,  and you'll see what I mean.   Emma, Eleanor and I wanted to go to Columbia on Friday to see my cousin Madalyn perform in the play Legally Blonde.  This meant Kevin would need to be home with Lucy.   The girls and I wanted to leave by 3:30 in the afternoon so Kevin left our house on Friday morning at 5am to squeeze in a couple of  hours of work,  knowing that once he came home Lucy wouldn't let him get anything done.   At 3:30 when Kevin arrived home he also had a bike, not belonging to him, in tow.    He's taking the bike to Colorado with us next week, strapping it to the top of the mini-van and babying it like it's his own.  His friend is competing in a bike race in Colorado and Kevin kindly offered to take the bike out there for him.  By the time Kevin arrived home on Friday, it was decided that Eleanor was still too sick to go to the play.  Was he frustrated by the fact that he'd gone to work at 5am, that I hadn't figured out our plans until too late to call him and say," go ahead and stay at work" because Lord knows he could have used the time...?  Of course not!   Instead he jumped right in and started figuring out how to help.  Poor Eleanor was so sad at missing the play.  Kevin cheered her up by driving to McDonalds ( a place he really despises) and picking up dinner.  He then ate his dinner like he just couldn't be eating anything tastier.  After dinner Kevin and El snuggled up and watched Ratatouille.  He laughed and made a big deal at all the right parts.
Saturday mornings we both like to run and the girls have dance at 9 so sometimes, when we sleep in, and it's super hot, fitting this in can be tricky.  Yesterday,  in the blistering heat, he loaded up Eleanor and Lucy in the double stroller and ran with them from our house to COCA, because I'm no good running in the heat and he wanted to make I sure I could fit in my run (on the treadmill) and the girls got to dance on time.  When Emma and  I pulled into the COCA lot there was Kevin in the middle of the parking lot, directing a woman in a large SUV who had her car stuck in a parking spot.   He helped her figure out how to maneuver out of the tight spot without damage to any cars.  After dance, we headed to the produce stand where Kevin collected ingredients for ratatouille, and that's what he made for dinner because Eleanor just had to try it after watching the movie.
 On Sunday mornings, Kevin coordinates a bike ride for all kinds of people, and makes sure everyone who wants to ride feels included.  This morning he loaned his bike to a friend who's thinking about taking up cycling, Kevin had that extra bike here after all. After the ride, he always helps me with Sunday school and because we were short a teacher today, he even helped me teach.  And darn it if he wasn't an awesome teacher!
 In between all of this he's dog sitting our neighbor's dog, killing wasps in our yard, ants in the house, mowing in this impossible heat, and taking Eleanor to the pool!   Seriously, this guy is gem.  I'm so thankful I have him by my side and my girls have him as an example of what an amazing husband looks like.  I love you most, Kevin!

We had a memory lane adventure this evening, McGurk's for dinner, a south city tour of our first two houses, and Ted Drewe's for dessert.  Happy memories!
She loved it all, but especially her own ice cream, of which she ate very little but refused to give up.

Thank goodness for the T.D. hose!  


Nwunye said...

Hello! I left a comment for you on your post titled "10 days later..." back in 2011 I believe. Please read and respond! :) Thanks!!!

Melissa said...

Yikes! Hope you're still not having problems. Yes, it really did take us 10 days. Some days were much better than others. Here's a bit of bright news, we just returned from a nearly two week vacation where our daughter didn't nap and her nighttime routine was less than stellar...she ended up sleeping with us A LOT. Was a little worried about coming home. Went to bed without a hitch last night, slept perfectly, is sleeping happily at her regular nap time now...HOORAY!!