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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Six and a half

Eleanor with her strawberry lemonade cake.  
This sweet and silly girl turned six and a half today.   Eleanor is calm and kind and always a help.  So when she was fiery and crabby and no help at all when we came home from the pool on Wednesday, we knew something was up.  It happened to be her temperature :(.  Since then she has missed a morning with friends at the zoo, the opening of sea lion cove, and her cousin's lead in the play Legally Blonde...which Eleanor desperately wanted to see last summer at the Muny and missed...ugh, two years in a row!   This morning she woke without a fever and tried hard to act like she felt great but it was pretty obvious that our girl isn't quite back to herself.    In the words of Lucy "Happy to you Ellie"!  We love you!

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