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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Recap

So happy with her non-Disney sleeping bag, which was becoming a little embarrassing to bring for sleepovers.

Also happy with her Santa gift!

She was delighted with each and every item she came across Christmas morning!   She got little things like pacifiers, band-aids and board books and of course thought she'd hit the jack pot.

Christmas 2012 was wonderful!  Each year I learn the same lesson about the best way for us to enjoy the holiday --the simpler things are the happier we are.   This year there were less gifts, less outings (we meant to go to Tilles Park and the zoo....), and less junk food (until the last week when that's totally flown out the window).  Fabulous!   I did less decorating and loved that too, they'll be even less to come next year.  Still, with less decorating it all had to come down today, the walls were starting to close in around me; what is cozy and fun in late November becomes clutter and stress inducing to me in late December.  So now it's all packed away until November 2013 on that certain day when I just can't wait a moment longer to fill our house with Christmas.  

 I'm so thankful for a great Christmas and all the blessings this season brought!

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