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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Getting better

What a few days it's been! I'm using my phone to post this while laying in bed recovering from the stomach flu. I've spent the day sleeping, reading Facebook, and watching White Christmas. I keep thinking I'm doing pretty good and then I think about doing something productive and the mere thought exhausts me. I can handle a post though! The good news is my dad is here and a huge help with the kids. The bad news is my dad is here because it's Christmas Shop week and that is where I should be. Yesterday as I was hugging the toilet of the City Recreation Center all I could think was, I had 364 days to get sick (in all fairness I think I was sick at least 2 of those 364 days..and really there are a lot of other days that would be no fun to be sick... throwing up in a less than clean public restroom clearly makes me melodramatic). But, the show goes on and I know that things at the shop are going well, the other 2 co-chairs are great and we have amazing people volunteering all week...I just miss being there. Hoping tomorrow I feel great and am back at the shop bright and early!

Here's a photo with the sweetheart that shared this virus with me! She got it Thursday and while she slept all day Friday, I disinfected the house hoping to keep everyone else well. At least ( so far) the rest of the family is ok!

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