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Friday, July 12, 2013


We got the official word yesterday that Janie is indeed fixable!  It will be a few weeks and a lot of insurance money but we'll have our Janie back!  Yesterday as we were driving down Big Bend a Janie look alike drove by and Lucy screamed "JANIEEEEEE!!!!".  I think Lucy was worried someone else was having the joy of driving our old mini van around.  I assured her Janie was still broken and not being driven by some other family.  By the way we are driving a very nice brand new Toyota mini stinky smell, no dinged up doors, or roof, or hood, or any panel for that matter,  doors that close without even a little screech, super fancy blue tooth radio, I could keep going but you see it's no Janie.  We've not even named it. 

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