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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Before 5

2 more days of school until Christmas Vacation!  It's been a good week full of preparations for Christmas. 

Yesterday after school we gave Eleanor an early birthday gift and took her and a friend  to a craft studio in Webster Groves for a workshop.  While she was busy making art, Emma, Lucy and I walked around Webster and did a little Christmas shopping.   I think it was the most fun I've ever had Christmas shopping.   We didn't buy much but I did get a few ideas!  After a quick dinner at Bread Company we came home and all of us were in bed by 7:30.  No kidding, we were so tired.  Which is why at 4:30 I was awake.

 I was also awake early because of these two.  When they sleep with me I usually sleep on one side and  make one of them sleep in the middle…it gets hot in there and they both kick and push in their sleep.  Last night they were bickering so I slept in the middle but hen I got upstairs from my run this morning this is how I found those two.  Both in the middle, sharing a pillow.  

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