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Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Holly and the Ivy

The calendar tells me that there are just 10 more days until Christmas Eve.  My front porch doesn't believe it.  There still sit pumpkins.  Pumpkins that are in fact covered in snow and possibly probably rotting underneath.  I need to pay bills and figure out what we have in the refrigerator, change everyones sheets, probably clean a bathroom or two and think about gifts for our teachers….and a good chunk of the folks on our Christmas list.  Nothing has been wrapped.  They'll be no cards this year and maybe no homemade cookie gifts for our friends and sweet teachers.  Just now, like in the last 20 minutes I've felt like maybe I could start thinking about making a list, a plan for what must be done and what can be let go of over the next 10 days.  The goal is to enjoy the time, not just check boxes off.   I'll make my list tonight, in front of the fire, while watching The Muppets Christmas Carol.   Spending 7 days at Christmas Shop always requires some time for reentry into my regular life.  This year has been no different.  Today I've choked back a few tears.  Not really sad tears just full tears.   There is so much in this world that I don't understand and being plucked out of my beautiful, neat, safe little life rips that wide open.  Today I can't quite put it into words but I will.  Instead of my own words, in my mind I hear The Holly and the Ivy, in my favorite version by The Lower Lights.  In particular these lines...

The holly wears a blossom
As white as any flower,
And Mary bore sweet Jesus Christ
To be our sweet Savior.

The rising of the sun,
The running of the deer,
The playing of the organ,
Sweet singing in the choir.

Oh, the holly bears a berry
As red as any blood,
And Mary bore sweet Jesus Christ
To do poor sinners good.

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