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Friday, July 18, 2014

New York so far

It has been great.  A little crazy and utterly exhausting but fantastic!  A quick overview....

Our flight out of St. Louis was delayed 3 hours and so we left at 8pm instead of 5pm.

  The kids were as close to perfect as travelers can get and we felt so thankful!  It did mean that bedtime though was 1am and that was a bummer!

We slept in a little the next morning and enjoyed the incredible apartment where we are staying.  It is amazing.  Right now Kevin and I are relaxing upstairs

and the kids are watching a movie on a huge projector screen downstairs.  

Anyway, after a pretty leisurely morning we headed to Central Park. 

So much fun!

Later in the afternoon we went to the American Girl movie event and I'll just say it was a bust. 

Just look at poor Kevin.  

Today we woke up tired but we weren't about to let that stop,us, today was our day for the Statue of Liberty! 

El and I grabbed coffe for us in Brooklyn and away we went!

Here we are on the ferry.  May be the only family photo we get so I'm just going to be happy with it!

Blake is here and that is making everything even more fun!

After lunch at the Shake Shack we visited the 9/11 grounds. 

It is unbelievable and I felt pretty emotional.  Emma had a million questions. 

And then there was Lucy who tried to swim in the fountain.  

We are back in Brooklyn now resting up for a little while.  Lucy was the only one who fell asleep on the subway but honestly we all looked like that.  

I love New York!

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