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Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Fourth of July

It was perfect! 
The weather was unbelievable!  
We spent lots of time outside, ate great food and enjoyed wonderful company.  
The only problem is that it's over!

My dad and Kyra's backyard is under construction.  So we hung out a lot in the front yard!  On Thursday night when we arrived, Emma and Eleanor helped my dad put together a fire pit.  We put it to good use all weekend. Ribs, hot dogs, s'mores!

The 4th was warm enough to play with water balloons and go swimming but not so hot that we couldn't just enjoy being outside.  

Fireworks in front of the Columns!

We woke up to a cool and overcast Saturday.  So cool in fact that we headed downtown to pick up some Mizzou sweatshirts.  
What beautiful Tigers fans we have!

We spent the morning enjoying downtown.
Drinking the best coffee and hot cocoa at Short Wave.

finding a few books at Yellow Dog Books,

meeting up with this guy,

and picking up some yummy balsamic and olive oil at Boone Olive Oil.

We thought about going for a walk once we got home but only got as far as the end of the driveway before it poured!

Trust me, it wasn't a problem!

Before long, but after Sean showed up, we headed back downtown for an early dinner and our second ice cream trip of the weekend.

There were cards and a movie plus a run and Starbucks.  There was staying up late (for all of us!) and getting up late (for some of us!).  There was our favorite breakfast and friends we've not seen in a long time.   There was being so relaxed we quite literally forgot what day it was.  
It was a long weekend vacation!

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