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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Teddy is 2!

It's no secret I'm not the world's biggest dog person.   I may actually live with the world's biggest dog person so I knew it was only a matter of time before I'd be a dog owner again.  Over the last year I've definitely warmed to the idea of a dog and about 6 months ago we found Teddy, our practically perfect dog.

A practically perfect dog-
1.) doesn't shed
2.) doesn't smell
3.) doesn't yap or bark constantly
3.) doesn't jump
4.) is excellent with kids (can withstand lots of pulling, cuddling, hugging, loud noises, sudden movements, sticky hands and general chaos)
5.) is cute
6.) is housebroken
7.) doesn't chew on furniture
8.) doesn't cost a fortune
9.) is over a year old

With the above list in mind we narrowed our search to a Goldendoodle, Labradoodle, or a Wheaten Terrier.  I found several but always moved too slowly and they were adopted before we had a chance.  I felt relieved each time.  Then one Thursday night, as had become a regular part of my routine,  I checked Craigslist for a dog.  For the first time in my search I found a Wheaten Terrier.  An adorable little guy that made me feel excited about the prospect of getting a dog.  I responded to the ad immediately and began a back and forth email conversation with his owner,  an exhausted mother of a newborn and a two year old who loved her dog but just couldn't handle it all.  She wanted him to have a family with kids who had time to love and play with him.  I went to bed knowing that we'd found our dog.

Teddy has proven to be absolutely awesome.  He is a solid 8/9, he's a terrible jumper with everyone but the five of us who live with him.  But, he's about as close to 9/9 as I could hope for.  He doesn't shed, or yap, or bark, is unbelievable good with the kids (he endures so much with his number one fan and has never even thought about being cross with her), is super cute, is housebroken, no chewing (except for an occasional plant!), was on the expensive side but not unreasonably so, and just turned 2 yesterday.

I'm so glad to have Teddy in the family!

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