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Sunday, August 24, 2014

The weekend!

I always love the weekend but oh, weekends in late August!  They are really something.
Last week was the first full week of school,  Kevin was traveling most of the week, and by Friday afternoon it was clear this group was WORN out!  Everyone was in bed early and I slept for over 10 hours.
I awoke on Saturday rejuvenated!  
Our weekend has been full of the swimming pool, birthday parities, long talks with good friends, a massage, great meals, books, church, a bike ride, plan making, lunch with friends, so much sleep for everyone, coffee both iced and hot, a nice long walk, lots of tomatoes, and good preparation for a great week ahead.

Ferguson still weighs heavy on my mind.  As it should.  I know as a Christian I must remain uncomfortable, constantly seeking a way to be used to better this world.  When I stop feeling pulled I have stopped listening.   This piece is an excellent example of why we're nowhere near finished and I have a role to play.  

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