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Saturday, November 8, 2014

For running

I love to run!  And run!  And run!  
I'm grateful for a strong body.  
I'm thankful for a good friend to keep me company and help the miles just click by.
I'm thankful for an amazing community to run around which includes city streets and the best park.
 Plus, I'm so grateful a family who understands my need to get out there!

This is my good friend Laura, who is a self proclaimed non-morning person.  She still gets up at 5:30am and runs with me.  She's a champ.  This picture was taken at about 6:00 one incredibly hot summer morning after we found a spray park on the Wash U Campus.  Early morning temps this week look like they're going to be in the 20s.  Oh boy, no spray park this week!

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