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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Really, I'm still thankful

I'm just behind, which is nothing new!  
So much to be thankful for...

For Aldi reopening after a month long remodel!  
For snow in November.  I LOVE WINTER!
For Gordon.  
We celebrated his 70th birthday last weekend and we all feel lucky to have him in our lives.  He is an amazing example of love.   
For a couple of new easy recipes that had all around rave reviews!
For our fireplace, it makes everything cozier.
For this girl who just hung in there and after so much work became a reader.  In her own time and on her own terms.  
She's been able to read since early in kindergarten but she never liked it.  She struggled with this and this year was determined to read what she wanted and oh. my.  She reads to me in the morning as I'm packing lunches and making breakfast and sometimes I have to stop from making a great big fuss because she doesn't love that.  But if she did, oh! the fuss I'd make.
For a neighbor that brings us fried rice on a Saturday night on her way home from work at her Chinese restaurant.  Just because she knows I love fried rice.
For a great Girls on the Run race! 
It was a beautiful day for a run and I felt inspired by all those strong, hard working, committed girls!  

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