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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

#near and #poor

Are there fairies in the multiverse?
#near #poor
Stephane Bidouze/iStockphotoNear and Poor.The last two days of the Lenten Reflection project have given me words that are so incredibly easy to document that they are hard.    Insensitive.  Pandering.  Obvious.  I wasn't really even looking for a way to document them.  Until I read this article at NPR titled "Do Fairies Live in the Multiverse" and I realized this was what I wanted to share.  
When Emma was in first grade she was obsessed with fairies.  She read every fairy book she could, created fairy houses, wrote fairy stories and was convinced fairies existed.  School was a struggle that year.  Tears, frustration and anger were commonly part of our days.   Emma's passion for fairies was an oasis in an otherwise barren year.  Somewhere along the way her class studied non-fiction writing and Emma chose to write a non-fiction piece on fairies.  She understood well what non-fiction meant.  She was just that convinced that fairies existed.  Her teacher didn't understand.  Not at all.  Which was no surprise.  
Emma still wrote her non-fiction fairies book and it was awesome. 
Which is why when today I read this...
Little, fabulous, flying entities capable of magical deeds that defy what we think reasonable in this world may exist, but we couldn't confirm this directly, says astrophysicist Marcelo Gleiser.
 I couldn't help but beam and feel a sense of hope, hope that sometimes feels as though it's dwindling at a quickening pace. Emma is and has always been far wiser than so many #poor people who refuse to believe in what they cannot prove.   In our hope and belief God is #near.  Today I'm clinging to the belief that "magical deeds that defy what we think reasonable in this world"exist.

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