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Thursday, October 1, 2015

October 1

October is one of my favorite months! 
 I love everything about it!  Hooray!  Yippee!  Wahooo!

The last week of September was also a winner.

On Saturday I visited the St. Louis IKEA!  I had a preview pass so Christy and I braved it.  It was the calmest IKEA trip EVER!  We talked about religion and other important life topics, seriously, it was that laid back.

While I did not come home with one of these lamps trust me,  I'm scoping out a spot.

We sent this girl away to 6th grade camp and honestly we're all feeling like Teddy looks about having her away.  

Still running.

I've painted all of the girls' rooms and did a major clean out while I was at it.  I have a blister and paint in my hair to prove it.  The older girls are redecorating this weekend.  New bedding, rug,  and so on.  They had planned to get new loft beds but Eleanor is reconsidering.  She is realizing the beauty of a nice, simple, clean room.  

And for the first time in 6 years, September 30th came and went and I didn't cry.  In fact, I didn't realize until today that yesterday was the anniversary of losing our Gussy Boy.   

Still miss you, Buddy!

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Grandpa...Bill said...

I just got home and read your post Melissa... I love everything about it but Eleanor and Emma's new room look is just awesome!