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Saturday, July 9, 2011

11 months

                                                     Our girl Lucy is a summer baby!

11 month stats:
No current weight or height
Eyes- hazel
Hair- red and curly
Dimples- yes, still there!

This girl is a great communicator!  She has one hand gesture that means- bye, night night, more, and yummy.  We're never confused about which she means.  She has varying grunts meaning- give it to me, come here, I want down, and pick me up.  Again, never are we confused.

Right now she loves:
 -her sisters being home, when she can't find them she crawls around saying "mmma, llle, mmma, lle"
 -splashing around in the pool
-swinging high on her swing
- juicy fruit, mama's homemade pasta sauce,  plain yogurt, cheerios and shredded cheese, all of which she insists on feeding herself while making an amazing mess
-figuring out how to crawl into or pull up onto everything including laundry baskets, side tables and under chairs
-spending her days in barely more than a diaper (see above eating habits)
-riding down the sidewalk in her her pink car
-pointing at everything she sees while we tell her what it is


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