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Friday, July 8, 2011

Cardinals WIN!

Well, the team didn't actually win the game, but as far as we're concerned the night was a win!  Emma won tickets to the game through the summer reading program at the library, which really is so perfect!  We had junk food for dinner, dessert and snack, stayed up way past bed time and we were on the stadium screen!  The game exceeded our sweet 5 and 7 year olds expectations!   

It rained buckets causing two rain delays.  We left during the second one.  The stormy weather made for an amazing sky.  Plus we had umbrellas which made it sort of an adventure.
Kevin gave the girls a scorecard lesson.  Emma loved learning  about it all.  I have a feeling we'll be listening to some baseball this weekend.  Eleanor had fun writing all the players' names.

Always up for a picture.  

Not now mom, I'm watching the game!

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